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Exam FAQs

Here you can find some answers to frequently asked questions about exams:

What can I take into the exam room?

Please refer to our checklist on what you can take into exams.

Access to my completed exam paper

Examination scripts (other than those returned to students) are retained in the relevant school for 6 months.

Students may request access to their completed examination scripts and may be able to consult the examiner or the course authority on their performance.

Faculties determine the conditions under which access is granted.

Exam adjustments

Students with disabilities may, in certain circumstances, be eligible for alternative provisions for assessments or examinations. These include:

  • school or faculty-based (internal) assessments which must be arranged with the relevant academic staff member or School administrative officer, in conjunction with the Equitable Learning Services team.
  • formal end-of-teaching period examinations which must be arranged with the Equitable Learning Services team, who will liaise with the Examinations Team within Student Administration.
  • arrangements for written examinations. Students with a temporary disability that puts them at a disadvantage in written examinations should see an Equitable Learning Advisor in the Equitable Learning Services team immediately after their disability is known. They will need to provide supporting medical documentation.

Further information and contacts

Get more information about exam adjustments by contacting Equitable Learning Services.

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