Supplementary exams are managed by the UNSW Exams team, except for AGSM, ADFA, Art & Design and the School of Optometry. Please contact these schools directly for further information.

A supplementary exam may be awarded to students where:

  • illness or misadventure has prevented a student from completing their end of term exam, and their absence can be proven to be beyond their control.
  • a student is in their final term at UNSW and is considered a potential graduand. These students do not need to complete a special consideration application as they will be awarded a supplementary exam at the discretion of the School.

Students must complete a special consideration application with supporting documentation via the Special Consideration portal.

In all cases, the form of the supplementary assessment need not be identical to the original assessment, but it must assess the same learning outcomes.

Students will be notified of their eligibility for a supplementary exam via myUNSW only.

Note: The supplementary exam timetable can only be finalised once all special consideration applications have been assessed.

For Term 1 2024 students will be notified that their supplementary exam has been approved no later than Friday 17th May.

The supplementary timetable gets created and released gradually, as we follow-up on all of the students approved for their supplementary exams from the final exams that only ended the previous week(s).

Each student will be able to see their timetable seven (7) days prior to their exam via myUNSW, e.g., it is a staggered release, if your supplementary exam is going to be on a Monday then it will be able to be viewed on your myUNSW timetable the Monday before. Please continue to check your myUNSW timetable every day until your exam appears.

If on Friday 17th May your supplementary timetable has not been updated and you have been awarded a supplementary exam, please contact us at [email protected].

Term 1 2024 supplementary exams will take place on Monday 20th through Friday 24th May 2024.

Please familiarise yourself with key exam dates via the Key Dates page.

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