Examiners' Expectations of Honours Theses in Engineering

Expectation Further Comment
What did you do? Have you stated clearly what your objectives are?
Why did you do this? What is the value of this problem/solution? What was your motivation?
Has it been done before? If yes, are you doing it in a different way?
What method did you use? Do you understand this method?
Why this one? Why is this the most appropriate method?
What are its limitations? How stable is this method?
Are there other methods? Why are these not suitable?
What did you discover? Is it what you expected to discover?
How reliable is this? Was there only one test or were there many? Can the test/s be replicated?
What are the implications? What does your discovery mean for your field of knowledge?
Is this consistent? If not, why not?
What is unresolved? There should be a loose end; there needs to be further investigation.
What conclusions can you draw? You should draw strong conclusions; remember to judge previous work confidently and politely.



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