Common Problems with Honours Theses

What the examiners say and how to fix it

No Introduction

Make sure you have an introduction

More about introductions

Disjointed structure Plan each section using bullet points to summarise what you are going to say; decide on the sequence of information. Check for logical flow.
Incorrect use of references Always state your sources; make sure you reference images; always note the source as you are reading it
Citation errors in references Always check the spelling of your references; make sure you include all appropriate bibliographical data.
Too many nested sub-sections in the Table of Contents

Make sure that your table of contents is no more than two pages.

More about Tables of Contents

No error analysis Don't be afraid of finding errors in your methods or results. State clearly and honestly if there was some problem.
Assumptions not being made explicit Check that what you have said can be understood by someone else.
Missing/incomplete explanations Always do a comprehension check of your work: is an explanation needed? Have you included all relevant details?
Diagrams/figures too small Always use 12 point font as a minimum size.
Undefined symbols, symbols changing, using two symbols for one item Proofread your work carefully; check for consistency in use of symbols; if you change a symbol, explain this to the reader.
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