Different Types of Linking Ideas

1. Repetition of key information

Example: Antibiotic resistant microorganisms have significantly compromised antibiotic treatment.  A large proportion of resistance in Gram-negative bacteria can be attributed to…

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2. Beginnings and ends of sentences: also called old/new information

Example: Peanut allergy is one of the most severe allergies because of its life-threatening character. A trace of peanuts can trigger an abnormal immunological reaction ranging from nausea to anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis reaction is a severe response for hypersensitive individuals.

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3. Transition words

Example: The use of aluminium as p-type dopant has two major disadvantages, however. Firstly,… Secondly,… In comparison, boron diffusion is able to achieve a high peak concentration, and allows good control over the doping profile.

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4. Using pronouns to refer to information

Example: Subcritical water can be used as a fluid for effective drug delivery device processing. It has recently been found to be an effective eluent… This has great potential for the delivery of drugs particularly for cancer patients.

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For more examples of linking ideas see Making a Case Study Report Cohesive.

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