Registering with ELS is a simple process but does have a few stages. This infographic is a quick visual of the process flow. 

ELS process map

If you have any questions regarding the process, please CONTACT US

ATTENTION: If you require exams adjustments for Term 2 2024, we recommend completing ELS registration by 17 July 2024. The last day to receive educational exam adjustments for Term 2 2024 is 31 July 2024.

If you are ready to proceed with the registration



You must be enrolled at UNSW before you can register for educational adjustments.

You can register at any time during term if you require support. We strongly recommend all students register before the teaching session starts. If you are new to UNSW or having difficulties because of your disability, medical condition, mental illness or if you are a carer of persons with disability, register as soon as possible. 

Many of the services we provide require a significant amount of time and coordination of people and facilities across the university. Setting up exam provisions, employing note-takers, organising sign interpreters, and re-formatting textbooks are just a few examples of services that may take weeks to set up.

By registering early, your Equitable Learning Facilitator can,

  • start preparation on your requirements early
  • identify any obstacles you may face in completing your studies
  • work with you to help you overcome any obstacles.

Leaving things to the last minute will only add to your stress. The sooner you register, the sooner you will have the support you need.

All appointments are free and confidential.


NOTE: We have a Health Practitioner Report Form (HPR Form) that you download here in case you do not have the documentation required as mentioned below. 

Documentation must state,

  • the nature and duration of your condition
  • any treatment you are receiving
  • the impact the disability or circumstances are having on your studies and exams

Documentation and must be,

  • less than two years old
  • in English (If your supporting documentation is provided by an overseas practitioner and not available in English, you'll need to provide a NAATI-accredited translated copy)
  • written on letterhead, signed and dated by an appropriate medical practitioner, specialist, professional.

Documentation can be from medical specialists, educational psychologists or other qualified health practitioners. 

If your documentation is not sufficient, we will contact you to advise you to submit additional evidence of your disability.

Important note:
Documents sent to the University Admissions Centre (UAC) with your university application are not forwarded to UNSW. Your Equitable Learning Facilitator does not have access to any of the documents you previously supplied to UAC or the Board of Studies, or to any supporting documents you submitted when you accepted your UNSW offer.


Here are some forms that you might need through your application process. 

  • Health Practitioner Report Form (HPR Form)

HPR Form

  • Alternative Formatting Request Form (AFR Form)

AFR Form

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