At ELS we have a highly trained team of facilitators, more commonly known as ELFs' (Equitable Learning Facilitators). They come with a range of experience and expertise across the learning and disability sector. Our ELFs' are extremely dedicated to their roles and to our students.

Here's a brief introduction to each of our fabulous team members.

Michelle Sanders Memoji


I have a background as an adult educator and life coach and have been at UNSW since 2019. I am passionate about education and people. Helping students access their academic potential is the best, and helping my team facilitate that process is just as rewarding.

To relax, I crochet, I swim in the ocean and read compelling novels.

Carmella Mor memoji


Before joining ELS at UNSW in 2018, I worked as an Occupational Therapist in health, disability, and education.

I enjoy having the opportunity to work collaboratively with students to delve into the unique ways that their condition is impacting on their educational experience and from there develop a plan to support them to access their studies. It is an honour to be able to take a small role in helping students achieve their goals.

To unwind I enjoy going for a swim, listening to music, having a massage, walking my puppy, or relaxing in the bath with a book.

Rachel Kasturi


I have a background in speech pathology and have been working at UNSW since October 2022. I am passionate about supporting autistic and neurodivergent students in their academic journeys. 

I unwind by walking, reading books with my son, and browsing social media.

Nicole memoji


I've been at UNSW ELS since 2020 and I have a background in Special Education as a Learning Support teacher.  I really enjoy being able to support students, so they have the additional flexibility they need to complete their studies to the best of their ability.

Something I do to de-stress is SUP boarding around Sydney's amazing beaches.

Anna memoji


I joined the ELS team at UNSW in November, 2022. I have a background in Occupational Therapy and am passionate about advocating for equity and inclusion within both the healthcare and education systems. I find the most rewarding part of being an ELF is the opportunity to meet and work with such a diverse range of students.

To unwind I enjoy walking my greyhound Figs, going to the gym or watching the latest addictive Netflix series.

Katherine memoji


I have a background in special education and I've worked at UNSW since 2014. Until recently, I worked as an Academic Support Officer. I love assisting students to reach their potential and seeing them graduate.

I relax by going on long walks, playing with my daughter's dog, and reading.

Shelley's Memoji. Shelley's cartoon is wearing reading glasses, her hair is blond, long and wavy.SHELLEY 

I have a background in disability inclusion and human services and have worked in the university sector since 2000. I am passionate about amplifying the voice of those with lived experience of disability and intersectional equity identities and creating a safe space for students to learn and develop to the fullest of their potential.

To relax, I love to read and spend time with my children and (worlds cutest) dog. 

Dan's memoji. Dan is wearing a blue shirt and has short, light brown hair and a mustache.


I have a background in holistic wellbeing and academic support in the higher education space and I've worked at UNSW since 2023. I am passionate about advocating for the best possible student outcomes and helping learners of all abilities discover their strengths.

To relax, I listen to podcasts, exercise, go on a bushwalk, or take a bath.

Hannah's Memoji. Hannah's cartoon is wearing a white shirt and dark glasses. Her hair is long, dark brown and tied back in a low ponytail.Hannah 

I joined the ELS team in 2021 and have a background in Psychology and Music. I worked as a music teacher and behavioural support therapist before moving into the tertiary sector. I love meeting students from all walks of life and working collaboratively to best support them in their university journey.

To unwind, I enjoy taking my dog to the park, playing with my son and baking yummy treats.  


(Team Admin Extraordinaire)

I have a background in Social and Political Sciences and been working on administrative roles with UNSW since 2019. I am passionate about supporting and advocating for diversity in every way possible.

I usually like to unwind by playing guitar, watching YouTube, baking, and watching my cats play.

Liz's Memoji. Shelley's cartoon is wearing a white shirt, and her hair is long, dark brown and straight.LIZ 

(Team Admin Extraordinaire)

I have a background in health administration and joined the ELS team in October 2023. I love working in a team that is dedicated to supporting individual learning needs and a range of experiences so that students can thrive.

To relax, I love to spend time with my family, read, listen to music and podcasts, or bake something delicious. 

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