Women in Engineering Protégé Program

Women in Engineering Protege Program

About the program

The Protégé Program is a mentoring program run by the Women In Engineering Society to help first year female students transition from high school into university. Mentees are matched with a mentor and placed in a group with other mentees. Throughout the semester, we run three main events to allow mentees to socialise with other program participants. Additionally, regular meetings with mentors are encouraged and to facilitate this, weekly challenges and topics for discussion are set for groups to complete. The program includes some events like the Opening Ceremony (Week 2, T1), Mid-Term Checkpoint (Week 6, T1) and Closing Ceremony (Week 9, T1).

When does this program run?

Term 1

Week 1 to Week 10 of term.

New student (mentee) registrations

This Peer Mentoring Program is for first year women studying engineering at an undergraduate level.

Throughout O-Week a short application form will be available on the  Women In Engineering Society’s Facebook page. Mentees can also sign up at WIESoc’s O-Week stall.

Mentor applications

Female students studying engineering in their second year or above are encouraged to apply.

Mentor recruitment occurs through the Summer break preceding each year. During this time an application form is provided through the Women In Engineering Society’s Facebook page.

More information

Protégé Team

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.wiesoc.com/protege-program


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