Mature Age Peer Support Program

About the MAPS community 

MAPS is designed to introduce you to other mature age students, non-recent school leavers, professional workers and all that UNSW has to offer. You will be welcomed to an online community where can get to know others in your cohort, access bespoke resources and seek support from mentors who are in a later stage of study throughout the term. You will also be encouraged to join meet-up events on campus where you can meet your peers and community in person! 

When does it run?

Term 1 and Term 3

Week 1 to Week 9 of term.

New student registrations

The MAPS Program is for new students who are 21 years of age or over, took a break after high school or have worked professionally before starting or returning to study.

Registrations for Term 1 2024 are now open.


Mentor applications

Mentors must have completed at least one term of study at UNSW and have the experience of being a mature age student, non-recent school leaver or professional who started or returned to study after working. Successful applicants will be contacted via email and required to attend the Central Peer Support Training.

Mentor applications for Term 1 2024 have closed. Applications will reopen for term 2 2024 in the final weeks of term 1 2024. 

More information

Peer Connections @ UNSW

Email: [email protected]

Location: Ground floor, John Goodsell Building, Kensington Campus

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