UNSW Engineering Society Peer Mentoring Program

The UNSW Engineering Society Peer Mentoring Program aims to smoothen the first year students’ transition from high school to university by providing a friendly and supportive network.

Electrical Engineering Society Peer Mentoring Program

ELSOC peer mentoring is the only program that connects students in the school of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication (EET) to create lasting friendships and memories while supporting their professional development.

UNSW Bioinformatics Society Peer Mentoring Program

This program aims to connect students who are interested in Bioinformatics with a more experienced mentor.

School of Chemical Engineering Peer Support Program

This program is aimed to support commencing students within the School of Chemical Engineering.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Society peer mentoring

Mentoring program aimed to facilitate first-year students with their transition into university by matching them with experienced students.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSESoc) Peer Mentoring

The CSESoc Peer Mentoring program is run by the CSESoc Student Network and is designed to assist with your transition into life at CSE and UNSW

Digital Society (DigiSoc) Peer Mentoring Program

DigiSoc's Peer Mentoring focuses on uniting students who have a strong interest in all things digital.

Women in Engineering Protege Program

The Protégé Program is a mentoring program run by the Women In Engineering Society to help first year female students transition from high school into university.

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