Image caption: Bright blue banner with yellow megaphone next to the title and sub-text, "ActivateUNSW; A Peer Support program for students with disabilities, a long term health condition or a mental health condition to get the most out of your UNSW experience! A confidential and safe space, you do not have to be registered with UNSW services to join this program."

About this program

A peer support program for new students with disabilities, long term illness or mental health conditions to get the most out of your UNSW experience! Sign up to the program today for fun, small group mentoring sessions as well as some larger group events to build your connections and UNSW knowledge. ActivateUNSW introduces you to fellow students and mentors in a safe and understanding environment for a fun and helpful experience to ease your transition into university life. The program is currently running online with the potential for on-campus meet ups if you would like to. 

When does this program run?

Term 1 and Term 3, 2024

Week 1 to Week 8 of term.

New student (mentee) registrations

Activate UNSW is a safe and confidential space for any new student who has a disability, long term medical condition or mental health condition (you are not required to be registered with UNSW's services to join). 

Mentee applications for T1 2024 are now open!



Mentor applications

We encourage applications from our diverse student cohort and will provide support for all accessibility needs. This program is AHEGS accredited.

Mentor applications for T1 2024 are closed. Applications for term 2 2024 will open closer to the start of term. 

More information

Peer Support @ UNSW Team

Email: [email protected] 

Location: Ground floor, John Goodsell Building, Kensington Campus

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