UNSW Business Society Peer Mentoring Program

The UNSW Business Society Peer Mentoring Program is for all new first year undergraduate students enrolled in a business degree.

Accounting Society (AccSoc) Peer Mentoring Program

An Accounting Society initiative ensuring our community is prepared for the obstacles in their degree and the professional world.

Actuarial Society (ASOC) Peer Mentoring Program

The aim of this program is to help first year Actuarial studies students to start off their university life with a blast!

Business Information Technology Student Association (BITSA) Peer Mentoring

BITSA Peer Mentoring offers mentoring sessions for Information Systems/Technology-based students.

Digital Society (DigiSoc) Peer Mentoring Program

DigiSoc's Peer Mentoring focuses on uniting students who have a strong interest in all things digital.

Economics Society (EcoSoc) Peer Mentoring Program

EcoSoc’s Peer Mentoring Program lays the foundation for new students to join an emerging community and become a part of a growing support network.

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Peer Mentoring Program

GSA's Peer Mentoring Program aims at smoothening the transition process of new students into UNSW by pairing them with an experienced mentor.

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