The first step to getting started at UNSW, is to accept your offer in the Accept Online portal:

Accept your offer in Accept Online

Accepting your offer will secure your place in the program.

Please note:

  • If you do not accept your offer by the deadline stated in your offers detail in Accept Online, your offer may lapse.
  • As part of the Accept Online process, most applicants are required to pay a tuition fee deposit.

If you need help accepting your offer, please contact The Nucleus: Student Hub.

Credit transfer

If you are seeking credit for previous studies, you should first accept your offer and then submit an Application for Credit Transfer.


Have you recently become a domestic student?

If you are a commencing student who holds an international student visa and you are granted Australian citizenship, Australian Permanent Residency (PR) or New Zealand citizenship, you need to notify UNSW within 7 days - Find out more


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