Key deadlines

  • UNSW has a quota system to ensure enrolment is maintained at a level which maximises the quality of teaching and learning. The quota may be reached before the deadline listed below - especially in areas of high demand or limited places such as Commerce and Medicine.
  • We advise you to accept your offer as early as possible and not to wait until the deadline. Accepting will secure your place.

Please be aware of these deadlines:

Term 1, 2024 - Diploma programs

Offers for... Must be accepted by...
Diploma of Science


16 January 2024

Diploma of Engineering
Diploma of Computer Science
Diploma of Business
Diploma of Media and Communication
Diploma of Architecture (Architectural Studies), Diploma of Architecture (Interior), Diploma of Architecture (Landscape)

If you need help accepting your offer, please contact The Nucleus: Student Hub.

How to accept your offer

If you are accepting your offer for the first time, please create your log in and password. You will need your 9-digit UAC Application Number or your 8-digit Gateway Application Number and the UAC course code for the program you have been offered.

Step 1) Create your log in

Once you have created your login:

Step 2) Log in and accept your offer

Video guide

How to defer your offer

Do you need to defer? If you can't start study yet, find out how you can defer your offer:

How you can defer your offer

Credit transfer

If you are seeking credit for previous studies, you should first accept your offer and then submit an application for credit transfer.

Contacts and FAQs

If you need help accepting your offer, please see Answers to frequently asked questions or contact The Nucleus: Student Hub.

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