If you have any general feedback about UNSW, suggestions on what we could do better, or ideas that can improve the experience of our students, please enter your comments via our Feedback Form.

Current student surveys

Surveys of currents students of UNSW


Survey of your learning and teaching experience

myExperience is your best opportunity to make your voice heard on your experience of learning and teaching you receive at UNSW. The only way staff can improve what they do – or keep doing the good things they do – is by hearing about what you liked and didn't like about your learning and teaching experience. Lots of improvements are made as a result of your feedback - things really do happen. Your feedback really does count, and we genuinely want to hear it.

For more information visit myExperience

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Student Experience Survey (SES)

For all current students
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The survey is designed to collect information that will help both higher education institutions and the government improve teaching and learning outcomes, and reports on multiple facets of the student experience.

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International Student Barometer (ISB)

For current international students

The annual International Student Barometer (ISB) Survey run around May and June is the world's largest student survey. This survey is hosted by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-Graduate). The survey provides the University with an understanding of the international student experience and allows us to compare your expectations, satisfaction, perceptions and motivations with students from other institutions both in Australia and internationally.

For more information visit: international.unsw.edu.au/isb

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Graduate surveys

Surveys for recent graduates of UNSW

Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ)

This is available to graduates about 4 months are completing their studies.

This survey provides information about the quality of education provided at Australian institutions and asks graduates to what extent they agree with a series of statements about their study experiences.

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Graduate Destination Survey (GDS)

This is available to graduates about 4 months are completing their studies.

This survey provides information about the labour market outcomes and further study activities of graduates.

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Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

This is available to graduates about 6 months are completing their studies.
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