Unlock the power of AI | New Business course!

Decorative - A young woman standing up with computer code reflected in light on her face

Do you want to unravel the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence? UNSW Business is offering a new AI course in 2024 INFS2604 Artificial Intelligence Fluency*. 

AI is not just a buzzword; it's a transformative force shaping our world.

You encounter AI every day, from personalised recommendations on streaming platforms to virtual assistants streamlining your tasks. Now, imagine understanding the magic behind the scenes.

This course aims to help you demystify AI, navigate its impact, and position yourself at the forefront of the AI revolution. We explore how AI transforms existing roles, creating new opportunities and job categories. Gain insights into the future job landscape and position yourself as an essential contributor. 

As the world evolves, be the one who evolves with it!

View the handbook for more information 

*As this course is targeted to students with limited background in Information Systems, students in Information Systems programs 3979, 3964, 3584, 3671 and 3795, OR in majors INFSA1, INFSB1 and INFSAH should not attempt this course. 

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