SEXtember is back for 2023!

SEXtember 2023

Welcome to our annual SEXtember festival dedicated to sexual health and well-being, where we celebrate Empowerment, Relationships, and Intimacy. This manifesto outlines the core principles that drive our event, highlighting the importance of consent as a foundation for personal empowerment, healthy relationships, and meaningful intimacy.


Everyone, no matter their background, sexuality or lived experiences has the right to ask for the type of pleasure they desire. Your own desires and others’ desires should be respected in a safe, and consensual manner whilst supporting everyone’s empowerment and ownership of their bodies and sexuality.


Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of trust, respect, and communication. Your relationships should be fun, pleasurable and supportive. Consent comes first.


Intimacy is more than just physicality; it encompasses emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connections. Genuine intimacy is rooted in mutual respect, consent and understanding.


Together, let us foster a culture where consent is valued, communication is open, and individuals are empowered to embrace their desires, establish boundaries, and engage in fulfilling relationships that prioritize respect and mutual consent.

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