Invigilated Exams

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What is an invigilated exam?

An invigilated exam means that there will be a UNSW staff member supervising the exam.

Exams can be either invigilated or non-invigilated and can differ for each course. Make sure to check the exam delivery type for each course on Moodle.

Types of exams

  • In-person invigilated exams: You will be supervised by a UNSW staff member in-person on Kensington campus. If your in-person exam is hosted on the assessment platform Inspera, you will need to bring your own laptop for the exam.
  • Online invigilated exams: Only available to international offshore students who are unable to return to Australia due to COVID-19. The Exams team will email you before Week 8 of term with all the information you need to set up your exam on Inspera.
  • Online non-invigilated exams: Held remotely on Inspera or another online platform determined by your School.

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What is Inspera?

Inspera is the digital assessment platform that hosts your exams.

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Do I need to come to campus for my exam?

If you are taking any of these courses, in-person attendance at the Kensington Campus for your final exam is a mandatory requirement for your course. Your exam will still be hosted on Inspera and you will need to bring your own device to take the exam.

What to expect

Need help?

If you have any questions or need help, contact the Exams team.

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