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Published: 18 Nov 2021

What’s new in Zoom?

  • Your sign in will change from e-mail to Single Sign On (SSO)
  • You will now be required to set up a security method when hosting a meeting.

When is this happening?

From 7am on Saturday 20 November

How do I prepare?

If you haven’t done so, complete the following before November 20:

  1. Prepare your account. To automatically migrate your primary UNSW email sign-in account to SSO, sign out of Zoom and log back in using SSO. 
  2. Once done, recheck your meetings, recordings and other account settings. Please contact the IT Service Centre for any issues.
  3. If you are managing a Zoom account using a shared mailbox or have multiple email accounts, these will not automatically transfer. Signing in via SSO means that your Zoom account will be linked only to you and cannot be shared. 
  4. Reconcile or remove old accounts. If you have created a Zoom account using your UNSW email address prior to UNSW procuring Zoom licenses, you will receive an email from Zoom. 
  5. Set a security method. All meetings after this date should include at least one security method. If you don’t do anything, your meetings will default to have the waiting room enabled.

More information:

For more information and any questions, please contact the IT Service Centre.

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