International Student Guide to meeting with Academic Advisors

This resource has been created to help assist international students make the most out of meeting with their Faculty Academic Advisor or Support Coordinator. 

It is important to use the sample questions provided in the resource as a guide only, and to tailor them to your own unique circumstances. 

How to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor

Generally your Faculty Student Centre or Program Office will manage appointments with Academic Advisors and Support Coordinators. You may be able to access an online booking system to make your appointment, or you can visit the Student Centre, email, or call them to schedule an appointment.

Note: It may be harder to make an appointment with your Faculty Academic Advisor at different times of the semester, as there is more of a demand to see them.

Peak times are usually just before census date, and just after the release of academic results. Please keep this in mind when making an appointment.

You can find your Academic Advisor, or which Program Office you should contact for specific program related inquiries and academic matters here.

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