As a UNSW student you may be eligible to access some financial support. Student Support Advisors can assist you with practical advice and skills. You must be a currently enrolled student at UNSW, residing in Australia and have completed at least one term of study, to be eligible to apply for a student grant.  

Grants will be provided for the following: 

  • Essential living costs - Groceries, public transport  
  • Study expenses (not tuition fees) 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Laptops and technology 
  • Phone or utility bills 
  • Bond  


How to apply: 

You need to follow these steps to apply and be considered for financial support. 

  • Book an appointment with a student support advisor to discuss your current financial situation through the Health and Wellbeing booking page here.
  • If you are eligible the advisor will provide you with the link for the application form. 
  • Submit your supporting documentation with your application, this must include all bank statements. If you do not provide all supporting documentation, you will not be successful in your application. Please see below for further information on what type of statement is acceptable. 
  • Your personal statement should include an explanation of any money you have received into your account that may not be clear in your bank statements e.g., payments from family, etc. 
  • To be eligible for a grant you must be a currently enrolled student at UNSW, residing in Australia, and have completed at least one term at UNSW.


Supporting Documents: 

Your application will need to demonstrate how you are currently experiencing financial hardship and are unable to meet your current daily needs. You will need to include a personal statement that outlines your financial difficulties clearly and any unusual activity in your bank statement. If your bank account balance indicates that there is not currently financial hardship you must clearly outline in your statement, why you are seeking a financial grant. 

All bank accounts must be disclosed with the relevant bank statements attached. 

To be considered for financial support, you must provide the following supporting documents in your application: 

  • Bank account transaction history of your everyday account, for the past 60 days 
  • Bank account statements for all savings accounts and investment accounts you hold 
  • Any other relevant documents 


Bank Statements:

To apply for a financial support grant, you are required to supply a number of supporting documents including a bank statement with a transaction history. 

A transaction history is a record of all transactions in a given period and is available through internet banking. A recent bank statement with a transaction history from all your banking institutions that shows your transaction history from the past 60 days is required for your application to be eligible.  

Your transaction history must be submitted in PDF form and include: 

  • The bank logo, 
  • Your full name  
  • A list of all transactions in the given period (60 days from submitting your application), and 
  • A running balance. 

You can find an example of an acceptable transaction history here. 


How can I download my transaction history for the last 60 days? 

Most banking websites and apps allow you to generate and download a bank statement with a transaction history for selected dates. You will need to ensure that your statement/transaction history includes your name and is an official bank document – screenshots will not be accepted. 

Instructions for some banks are provided below, for your convenience. 

If you are unsure on how to do this, please contact your bank or visit your local branch. 

Commonwealth Bank

Create a Transaction Summary 

You can instantly create an official letter confirming your transactions and account details for a period that you choose. 

  • Click on Statements 
  • Then Create summary 
  • Enter the relevant dates (90 days from the date you are requesting the summary)
  • Click Download your summary 


How to download a statement using the CommBank app:


View Your Proof of Balance & Recent Transactions Report

Use the Recent transactions report to show transactions over the last 30, 90 or 120 days.

How to view your Proof of Balance in Online Banking:

How to view your Proof of Balance in the Westpac app: 

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)

View Online Statements/Order a Replacement Statement

  • If not already selected, select your account from the Account dropdown. 
  • Your statements will be listed in the “Statement issue date” section of the page 
  • View a statement by selecting the date or the download icon. Your statement will be displayed in a new window or tab. 
  • Save the relevant statements as PDF to your computer or print (optional) 
  • If your Online Statements do not cover the last 90 days of transactions, you may need to Order a replacement statement 
      • Select the View statements link from the home page.
      • Select your account by selecting the account name.
      • Select the Order a replacement statement link
      • Select your account from the Select account drop down
      • Enter the date ranges for which you would like to receive replacement statements (e.g 18 October 2022 - today)
      • Select your delivery option as email and enter your email address
      • Enter your contact details
      • Submit your request. Allow 2 business days to receive your statement. 


How to view transactions and statements in Internet Banking:

How to view your statements in the ANZ App:

National Australia Bank (NAB)

  • Save the relevant statements as PDF to your computer or print (optional) 
      • Go to your transaction history screen. 
      • Select your account 
      • Use the Show filter option to customise your list of transactions.
      • Select the export option located under the Show or Hide Filter Button. 
  • Alternatively, phone or visit your branch to request the required documentation. 


How to download a statement, your recent transactions, or a proof of balance document:

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