Exercise: Practice Using Old/New Information

Using old / new information to communicate more clearly

The following six sentences are all part of the same paragraph, but the order has been scrambled. Using the old/new information structure, see if you can number the sentences in the order in which they should logically be. Start with the MOST general statement. Match each pair and then click the 'Check your Answers' button

The birth of stars, however, cannot be followed by an optical telescope, since it takes place in regions of space from which light cannot escape.  
To study this process, therefore, astronomers have to make use of telescopes operating at other wavelengths.  
Developments in radio, millimetre-wave and infra-red astronomy have turned the study of star-formation into one of the most exciting areas of astronomy.  
The majority of stars, including the Earth’s sun, are clouds of gas which are maintained at a high temperature by the energy liberated by thermonuclear reactions in their centres.  
Most of our knowledge of stars and how they evolve comes from the study of the visible light they emit.  
It is currently thought that most of the matter of the universe is in the form of stars.  
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