Instructions for students - Day(s) before exam/assessment:

 1. Student’s smartphone is broken/unavailable/lost 

Student needs to contact the IT Services Centre on (02) 9385 1333 
Select the MFA queue to reach the dedicated support team who will issue a temporary access passcode (TAP). ID verification may be required pending your issue/request and therefore, if possible,please call the IT Service Centreor visit in-person at one of theIT Hub walk-in centres. 

 2. Student is prompted to verify their sign-in with MFA but has no data connectivity on their smartphone/ I'm not receiving push notifications from my phone when prompted to verify my sign-in 

First, please ensure that you have allowed notifications on your Microsoft Authenticator app. The Microsoft Authenticator app provides a One-Time Password code when you do not have data connectivity, or you have elected to set it on Airplane mode or you cannot receive push notifications for other reasons.  

Please follow the step-by-step guide to use the One-Time Password code. 


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