COVID UPDATE: Before progressing with any application, please contact the Examinations Team via the details below to check availability of external examination invigilation. Thank you.

On this page, you can find information about examinations conducted at UNSW for students from other institutions.

UNSW offers a full administration and exam supervision (invigilation) service for individual students or for larger sittings on request.

Commencement times for exams

Examinations are usually held on the Kensington Campus and commence at either 08:45 or 13:45, Monday to Friday.

If students are unable to attend, they must give UNSW at least 24-hours' notice or the full cost of any examination will be levied.

Contact the UNSW Examinations Team.

How to get to UNSW

Public transport

Kensington campus is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. You can get to it easily by public transport from either the city or Bondi Junction Rail Interchange. See information on public transport to and from UNSW.


Parking is limited, both on-campus and in the adjacent streets. Parking officers regularly patrol residential streets close to UNSW.

Finding your way around

See maps of Kensington campus with details about building locations.

Supervision of external exams

Arranging for external exams to be held at UNSW often involves organising invigilation (exam supervision). To apply for invigilation, please contact the UNSW Examinations Team

Examination materials supplied by the home institution should include any instructions the invigilator is to observe during the exam.  UNSW will strive to observe all such instructions where local conditions/regulations and laws permit.


UNSW offers examination administration on a fee-for-service basis. A fee of $AUD210 per candidate per session (plus GST where applicable) will be charged.

The fee covers:

  • administration
  • venue usage except where a venue has to be hired, in which case any costs incurred by UNSW will be passed on to candidates
  • examination supervision
  • postage or courier charges for the return of exam scripts
  • fax charges. 

Where less than 24-hours' notice of a student's non-attendance at an examination is given, the full cost of the examination will be levied.

Examination material

Provision of examination material

The home institution must clearly label examination papers and material sent to the UNSW Examinations Team.

Please include:

  • course (subject) title
  • course number
  • scheduled date, time and length of the examination
  • detailed instructions for the invigilator. UNSW will strive to observe all such instructions.

Return of examination material

The home institution should provide self-addressed envelopes and courier pouches, or make other arrangements for the return of worked scripts, examination papers and/or materials.

Any costs incurred by UNSW in returning worked scripts, examination papers and/or materials to the home institution will be passed on to the home institution or candidate on a cost recovery basis.

UNSW does not photocopy worked scripts.

Contact us

For further information, please contact the UNSW Examinations Team.

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