Technology and Longevity – how far can we go?

23 Mar 2023, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Leighton Hall, John Niland Scientia Building UNSW
robot hand holding mechanical heart

From getting an x-ray to having an artificial heart, biomedical technology advancements have undoubtedly improved our quality of life, creating opportunities for us to connect and be part of a more inclusive living environment.

But with rapid growth comes medical, financial, and ethical challenges. With the desire for a longer, healthier life continually at the forefront of human ambition, what role does technology play in shaping this future?

Led by Julie Robotham, join us for a panel discussion and live Q&A where experts delve into the impact and challenges of biomedical technology advancements.

Panel speakers (view bios):

  • Associate Professor Beena Ahmed, UNSW Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Dr. Sze-Yuan Ooi, Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Eugene Salole PhD MPH , Value-Based Access Pty Ltd
  • Professor Jackie Leach Scully, UNSW Disability Innovation Institute
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