Economics Society (EcoSoc) Peer Mentoring Program

About the program

EcoSoc’s Peer Mentoring Program lays the foundation for new students to join an emerging community and become a part of a growing support network. Our Peer Mentoring Program is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and information to flourish through a social environment that promotes student engagement and involvement during the earliest stages of uni life.

We understand that first year is an exciting time for change and growth and our weekly 1-hour sessions will have you placed in a group of up to 8 other mentees with 2 mentors to guide you through your first 6 weeks of uni.

Join EcoSoc’s Peer Mentoring Program! Make new friends, enter a flourishing community, join a growing support network and most importantly, become INDEPENDENT. 

When does the program run?

Term 1

Week 1 to Week 8 of term.

New student (mentee) registrations

The EcoSoc Peer Mentoring Program is open to all first year Economics students.

Registration is during O-Week at the UNSW Economics Society stall. If unable to register during that time send an email to our Peer Mentoring Co-ordinator at [email protected]

Mentor applications

T1 2021 mentor applications are now closed.

For more information about becoming a Peer Mentor, check our Facebook page or email the Ecosoc Peer Mentoring Coordinator.

More information

Peer Mentoring Co-ordinator

Email: [email protected]


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