JD/PG Impact Mentoring Program

The purpose of the JD/PG Impact Peer Mentoring Program is to help first year JD/PG students make a smooth and successful transition into law school by organising weekly group meetings with trained JD/PG mentors.

The weekly group meetings aim to:

  • Create a support network for new students
  • Provide a platform to acquire resources and develop study skills
  • Create a safe space for students to discuss any difficulties they are encountering, and if necessary connecting them to appropriate people and/or organisations
  • Educate about mental health issues and the importance of maintaining positive mental health and lifestyle
  • Foster cross-cultural engagement and inclusiveness.


  • Accredited by UNSW Advantage = Yes
    (For recognition on Australia Higher Education Graduation Statement)

Availability of activity

Term 1, Term 3

Type of activity

Peer tutoring & mentoring

Interest area / Advantages

Serve society, Value diversity, Foster collaboration

Skills required and/or developed

Interpersonal & communication, Leadership

Contacts and more information

Check for updates! 


Contact for further information

[email protected]

For more information about co-curricular activities, see UNSW Advantage.

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