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Aviation Society Peer Mentoring Program

The Aviation Society Peer Mentoring Program aims to provide support for first year students in transitioning to their first term of tertiary aviation studies.

CEVSOC Industry Mentoring Program

CEVSOC Industry Mentoring will provide students with the invaluable opportunity to be mentored by an industry representative who will offer their expertise and experience and help guide them through their career ambitions…

Cultural Mentor Program

The Cultural Mentoring Program introduces new international students to a senior student 'buddy'.

Founders Foundations Volunteer Program

Founders Foundations is based at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre which features an Event Space, Design Space and Makerspace. Volunteers will work in and around campus as well as online.

JD/PG Impact Mentoring Program

The purpose of the JD/PG Impact Peer Mentoring Program is to help first year JD/PG students make a smooth and successful transition into law school by organising weekly group meetings with trained JD/PG mentors.


Mature Age Peer Support Program (MAPS)

MAPS is designed to introduce you to other mature age students and all that UNSW has to offer.

MAPS includes group mentoring sessions and the opportunity to attend weekly events, seminars and activities run by UNSW…

Nura Gili Pre-Programs - School of Education

Current UNSW students engage in a range of mentoring activities with the Indigenous high school students involved in the Winter School or Pre-Education Programs, including building relationships and preparing and…

PVCESE Student Advisory Council

The PVCESE Student Advisory Council is a regular meeting of students and senior leaders within the PVCESE to discuss issues and initiatives that aim to improve education and the student experience across UNSW.

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Do you run a professional development/volunteering activity for students? Are you a Constituent Club with an executive? Review the guidelines and nomination forms for providers to get started.

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