Construction Management and Property Work Experience Program

Producing work-ready graduates is extremely important in the construction management and property industry. Work-ready graduates will increase the reputation and standing of the program in the construction and property industry.

Students of the Construction Management and Property Program are encouraged to participate in internships, cadetship programs or other work experience activities relevant to the industry.

Students will gain practical work experience, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practice and provide them with opportunities to learn independently from industry practices and culture.


Completion of relevant work experience as a placement, in the construction management and property industry.

How to get involved

Interested students can apply at anytime by contacting the program coordinator via email.

Please note this opportunity is available to undergraduate students of the Construction Management and Property Program only.




Students must attend a training and information session with a program staff member, prior to the start of their work experience program. The session focuses on addressing work-related concerns, including health and safety, and industry expectations.

In addition, students will have opportunities to participate in practical training provided in their workplace. Common training in the construction management and property industry includes general health and safety training (White Card), activity specific health and safety training, project management, and specific technical skills, e.g. Microsoft Project, Primavera Project Planner, BuildSoft, and CostX.


The Work Experience Program includes 80 days of work experience in the construction management and property industry during students' study, approximately 560 hours in total.


  • Accredited by UNSW Advantage = Yes
    (For recognition on Australia Higher Education Graduation Statement)

Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Development programs, Internships

Interest area / Advantages

Accounting & office management

Skills required and/or developed

Event & project management, Interpersonal & communication, Organisational & time management

Contacts and more information


UNSW Built Environment


Dr Cynthia Wang 


[email protected]

For more information about co-curricular activities, see UNSW Advantage.

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