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Welcome to Academic Success- an online learning resource for any UNSW student who needs some assistance either getting on track or staying on track with their studies.

What is the Academic Success Program?

The Academic Success Program is a structured way of assessing why you have gotten off track with your studies and deciding how you can get back on track.

What is "getting off track"? Your academic standing might be poor, you might be returning from a period of suspension or exclusion, or you might have been really disappointed in your results last semester. These types of difficulties during your time at uni are less than ideal, but not insurmountable!

Before you get started, consider if you're willing to make the commitment to the Academic Success Program by doing the following:

  • Registering for the Academic Success program.
  • Learning what factors affected your studies by completing our quiz (this will take about 10 minutes).
  • Read relevant information and tips in the Help Yourself section of our website (how long this takes will depend on what information you access and read).


Register Now for Academic Success

IMPORTANT: when asked for the enrolment KEY in Moodle, enter BTStudent (case sensitive)


Think you're the only one who has ever gotten off track or found it hard to achieve their goals? Check out this list of well known individuals who stumbled, got back on track, and went on to succeed.


Here Luke discusses the 'f' word: failure, especially how to see the value of failure and some ways of thinking about and coping with failure.


Wondering about what the path to success might entail? Richard St John condenses 7 years of his research on success into just over 3 minutes.


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