When is the completion of my studies?

Completion (or finalisation) of your studies is defined as follows: Coursework: your studies are completed on the day UNSW officially releases the examination results. Research: your studies are completed on the day you submit your thesis/research work.

When should I depart Australia?

You are required to return to your home country prior to the expiry of your visa or within 30 days of the completion of studies, whichever comes first. You are not permitted to extend your visa to enable you to remain in Australia to attend your formal graduation ceremony.

When will my stipend payment be stopped?

Your stipend payment will be stopped five (5) days after the completion (finalisation) of your studies unless you leave Australia before then. In that case, stipend will stop on the day of your departure.

When should I close my bank account?

Please check with your bank whether you will need to close your bank account before you return home. Many banks will close your account automatically when there are no transactions for six (6) months. We recommend that you leave your bank account open for approximately four (4) weeks after your departure, just in case there are any outstanding stipend payments being made.

How do I get my testamur if I can't attend my graduation ceremony?

In order to receive your testamur, please refer to the testamur information on this Not Attending Your Graduation Ceremony page.

Can I travel via another country on my way home?

No. You are to travel back to your home country by the most direct route and unless unavoidable, stopovers are not permitted.

Does my scholarship pay for any excess luggage?

No. The scholarship does not provide the cost of transporting personal effects and/or excess baggage to and from Australia.

What can I do to prepare before returning home?

Your Sponsored Student Liaison Officer (SSLO) has a booklet for you called 'Returning Home Guidebook' please collect this Australia Awards publication from our office to prepare for your return home.

International Student Experience Unit (ISEU) will hold a Returning Home Seminar for all returning international students. This seminar is great to assist you with your preparations before returning home. Please check the ISEU website for the date and don't forget to register via the ISEU Online Booking System link.

Please don't forget to update your home and mailing address as well as telephone and email details in myUNSW!

Saying goodbye

Please come by our office to say goodbye to the staff who you have gotten to know during your time at UNSW. We like to wish you farewell in person.

Please check with your Sponsored Student Liaison Officer (SSLO) about Alumni information which we might have received from your country to pass on to you. The Alumni network in your home country will enable you to stay in touch with many of your Australia Awards friends.

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