This page explains how you can view your UNSW co-curricular activity record on the Co-curricular Online Service (CCOS).

UNSW Advantage administers a range of co-curricular activities approved for inclusion on the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS), received on graduation.

You can use CCOS to:

  • View and print an unofficial interim summary of your co-curricular activities
  • Request that some completed co-curricular activities be approved and added to your record - not all activities may be available for selection online. Each activity provider determines which of their activities will be open to students for online request.


  • CCOS is available to currently enrolled students only. Students on program leave or who have completed program requirements and are conferred to graduate will not be able to access CCOS.
  • The CCOS record does not contain details of scholarships, prizes or International Exchange study.

Access to CCOS

Current students can access CCOS at

Note! If you are accessing CCOS from a non-UNSW computer then you will need to enter the UNSW active directory domain name in front of your student zID: At the login prompt enter adunsw\[your 7-digit zID] (e.g. adunsw\z9876543), then your zPass.

If you believe your co-curricular activity record is incomplete or incorrect you must contact the relevant activity provider.

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