Staying COVID-safe as you head into term

Published: 8 Feb 2023

As we head into the start of Term 1 2023 it's important we all stay as COVID-safe as possible - for ourselves and each other.

Important reminders

🏠 Feeling unwell? Do not come to any of our campuses if you are unwell, have any respiratory symptoms or have tested positive to COVID-19. Take the time you need to recover. See here for what to do if you test positive. If you miss assessments due to illness, you can apply for Special Consideration.

😷 Consider wearing a mask while indoors on-campus or on public transport. Whilst not mandatory, mask wearing is a great defense against COVID-19 and is strongly encouraged.

💉 Are you up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations? Get your next booster now if you have not already done so. Book an appointment with the UNSW Health Service for your booster shot.

❤️ Remember to look after your wellbeing. Mental health and wellbeing support services and resources are available to you. You can also contact a Student Support Advisor for support on a range of topics or to connect with additional services.

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