TalkCampus | Peer-based mental health support app


TalkCampus is a free mental health support app available to all UNSW students. 

What is it?

TalkCampus allows you to talk with other students from around the world if you're struggling and worried about your mental health. The platform is safe, anonymous and moderated, and is designed as a place where you can be yourself and talk about how you're really feeling. 

How do I sign up?

Your UNSW student email address will give you free access to TalkCampus. Download it from your app store or via the website

More information

TalkCampus is not run by UNSW. It's based around peer support; you can use it if you need some help or you can use it for listening to and supporting others. TalkCampus is not a replacement for counselling or professional support, however it's a great place to begin talking and to make sure you aren't feeling alone. 

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