Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention tool that enables checking of submitted written work for improper citation or misappropriated content. Each Turnitin assignment is checked against other students' work, the Internet and key resources selected by your instructor.

Student papers are submitted to the Turnitin database and will remain in the database for some time. Only use your student ID to identify yourself in your papers. Papers may be used by others to determine academic misconduct of other individuals, for as long as the papers remain in the Turnitin database. Therefore, personal details (such as your name and/or contact details which can be used to identify you) should be removed from your papers to protect your privacy.

Turnitin has been integrated with the Moodle LMS. A Turnitin assignment displays with this characteristic symbol in the course home page:

This page contains instructions for:

  • submitting a Turnitin assignment from within the Moodle LMS
  • viewing the similarity report for your submitted assignment and
  • accessing your marks for a Turnitin assignment in Moodle.
Assignment settings determine whether you can:
  • make multiple submissions during a specified period, or only one submission
  • receive, if multiple submissions are possible, an originality report every time you submit, or only once
  • view the originality reports generated when OriginalityCheck checks your assignment against its databases.

Individual course conveners or your School policy determine these settings. If you have any questions about how OriginalityCheck is being used in your course, ask your course convener.

e-rater: The e-rater grammar feedback technology, automatically checks submissions to an assignment for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors; providing in depth feedback with on paper marks.

If your instructor has enabled e-rater for your assignment you will receive your feedback on the assignment post-date along with the rest of your feedback. There is a 64,000 character limit for ETS e-rater checking. Papers in excess of this limit are not eligible to receive grammar checking. e-rater grammar and spellcheck comments are automatically available to you immediately after submission. For further details visit Turnitin site

Submit a Turnitin assignment in Moodle

  1. On the course home page, click the assignment name.
  2. On the My Submissions page, click Submit Paper.

Clicking Submit Paper will open up a pop-up screen. Student are required to fill in all the relevant field. Enter a Submission Title, observing any naming conventions your teacher has set.

Student may be given a choice of submitting their paper by File Upload or Text Submission. Note: Your instructor may set up the assignment to require the student to submit in one of the two submission types or let their students decide which submission type they would like to use.

  1. Click Add Submission to submit your assignment.
  2. Once a submission has been made to, a screen will appear showing a digital receipt and an extract of your assignment. To return to the submission inbox page, click close on the top right corner.

  1. Students can print their digital receipt by going to the Submission Inbox page by selecting View Digital Receipt and clicking the print icon.

View your assignment’s Turnitin Similarity Report

The similarity score is a percentage of the assignment's matches to other sources. The tool provides instructors and students to easily find matches or similar text within submitted work. In the Submission Inbox page, the similarity index for your submitted assignment displays almost immediately. Note: Your instructors can choose to allow students to view Originality Reports. 

  1. To view your assignment’s full originality report, click on the bar icon beside your similarity score. A new window will open and take students to the Feedback Studio. The Match Overview provides a breakdown of all the matches found in the paper. Matches are ordered by highest instance of similarity down to the lowest. Each match can be color coded to help you identify them easily.


For more details, click here

Access your Turnitin assignment mark and feedback via Moodle

Via Moodle

  1.  On the course home page, in the Settings block, click Grades. The User report page displays. In the Turnitin assignment row, in the Grade column, your mark displays.

  1. In the Grade item column, click the link to the assignment.

Via Feedback Studio

  1. On the submissions inbox page, click the blue pencil icon under the Grade column.

  1. This will open a new window to the Feedback Studio. Your grade will be displayed on the top right-hand corner. To view your instructor’s feedback,click the QuickMarkicon on the toolbar.

Writing a PeerMark Review

Instructors can add PeerMark assignments within a Turnitin assignment. A PeerMark assignment icon is present when a PeerMark assignment is included.

  1. Click on the PeerMark icon to start reviewing assignments.


  1. Your instructor may assign a set of questions to answer. To leave a comment on the assignment, click anywhere on the document and a comment icon will appear. Once finish, click save. To view comments left by their view, go to the side toolbar and click the Comments tab.

  1. Once students have finished viewing, click Submit at the top right corner.

Further assistance

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