The course home page is the main page of any Moodle course. It's where the topics or weeks display, and the related lists of resources and activities.

The course home page can look very different from course to course—it is up to your teacher to decide on the format and content of the page. However, certain elements will be the same for all courses.

Described below are the elements of the course home page and their uses.

Blocks and Breadcrumbs


This shows the route you followed to a page within Moodle. Breadcrumbs are displayed at the top of the page, below the page banner. Use these breadcrumbs to return to earlier pages.


These are the boxes down the left-hand side of a course home page. They contain information or functions specific to the particular Moodle course.

The Navigation block on the course home page is different from that on the My home page; if the course is organised in weekly-outline or topic-outline sections, these sections are listed in the Navigation block for direct access.

To dock/undock a block:

Unlike the blocks on the My home page, you cannot change the location of the blocks on the course home page, except to dock and undock them.

  • Dock a block: Click the  docking icon at the top right of the block.
  • Undock a block: Open the docked block and click the  undock icon.

Course resources and activities

What's the difference between a resource and an activity?
  • A resource is any type of non-interactive digital content that your teacher has added to your Moodle course.
  • An activity is an item of interactive content created by your teacher using one of the Moodle tools (e.g. assignment, chat session).

Resources and activities will be grouped and displayed in different ways, depending on the course.

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