The course home page is the main page of any Moodle course. It's where the topic or week sections are displayed, along with key course information. Resources and activities are located within the sections.

From Term 1, 2023, Moodle Enhance is being progressively implemented into course home pages to improve the student experience of Moodle by offering: 

  • A modern, appealing look and feel. 

  • Improved navigation, including the dashboard, course home pages and their contents. 

  • Consistent presentation of key course information on all course home pages, like course outline and assessment information. 

  • Easy access to academic and technical support contact details. 

Course resources and activities

The course content (resources and activities) in the topics or weeks can look quite different from course to course—it is up to your teacher to decide on the format and content.

What's the difference between a resource and an activity? 

  • A resource is any type of non-interactive digital content that your teacher has added to your Moodle course. 

  • An activity is an item of interactive content created by your teacher using one of the Moodle tools (e.g. assignment, chat session). 

Resources and activities will be grouped and displayed in different ways, depending on the course. 

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