The private files area is for holding files, for use in any of your courses, that you wish to remain inaccessible by other students or instructors. This is useful when you want to use a file for multiple courses, or when you want to access a file from multiple computers. 

This page instructs you on how to add files to the private files area, how to use private files in a course, and how to organise private files.

Note that It will still be visible to the Moodle administrator.

Access the private files area

Access the private files area

  1. Navigate to your dashboard by logging on to Moodle.

  2. Turn page editing on by clicking the customise this page button on the top-right of the page.

  3. Add the "private files" block by clicking "add a block" and selecting "private files"

  4. You will now see the block on the left hand side of your screen

Upload a file to the private files area

  1. Navigate to the My private files page by clicking on Manage private files in the Private files block.

  2. On the My private files page, drag and drop the file into the Files box.

  3. The file displays in the Files box. Click Save changes.

Use a private file in an activity

  1. Navigate to an activity that allows file uploads, e.g. Moodlerooms Forum.

  2. In the upload section of the activity, click Add file.

  3. Click Private files on the left-hand side, and select the file you want to upload. 


Private files storage

In the Private files page, you can check the amount of space left in your Private files storage through the tooltip shown below.


Organise private files

  1. Navigate to the Private Files page.
  2. On the My private files page, you can:
    • Add new files to the folder or Create folder as needed.

    • Click any folder icon to show a pop-up window where you can delete, zip, rename, move or add a path for the folder and click Update.

    • Click any file icon to show a pop-up window where you can download, delete, rename, add author/license/path details and click Update.

    • Click the Download All button to download all the files in the upload box.

  3. Click Save changes on the My private files page to save your changes.

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