The My home page is the first page you’ll see when you enter Moodle. It displays links to all your Moodle online courses, and alerts and links to activities within them, such as unread forum posts and upcoming assignments. Here you can see at a glance which courses need your attention, and click straight through to the relevant course page.

This page describes the main elements on the My home page, and gives you basic customisation instructions.

You do not need to return to the My home page to move from course to course. You can switch courses using the Navigation block or the Courses block within a course.

The My home page contains the following main features:


On the top left corner of the Dashboard page, you can expand a menu consisting of links to students and staff support. 

annotated moodle dashboard/landing page with the course overiew, timeline and recently accessed courses sections

There are four main blocks in the landing page of Student Gateway: Course overview, Timeline, Recently accessed courses, and Calendar. 

Course overview

Course overview displays a list of your courses and their recent updates. This section of the page contains a list of the courses you are enrolled in.

moodle course overview section with table layout of courses

Courses missing from your Moodle course list

If you are expecting to find a course but it is not listed, there are a few possible reasons: 

  • Have you checked with your course convenor to find out which, if any, LMS your course will be using for the current semester? You may be looking in the wrong place. 
  • Your course convenor may not yet have released the course to students. They will tell you when the course will become available. 
  • If you enrolled late or changed your enrolment, it may not be processed yet. Wait at least 24 hours for any changes to appear in Moodle. 
  • You may not be correctly enrolled in the course. Check that your enrolment is correct in myUNSW. 
  • Occasionally a technical fault may delay the transfer of enrolment information from myUNSW to an LMS. This is usually identified and fixed within 24 hours. 
  • If you know that an online site for the course has been made available in a particular LMS, and you are correctly enrolled in myUNSW, but still can’t see it listed, contact the IT Service Centre to investigate the problem. 

Timeline & Recently accessed courses

In the Course overview page, your Timeline lets you know if any upcoming activities such as assignments and quizzes are due. You can sort the Timeline either by the date they are due or by the course they belong to.

moodle activity timeline

Recently accessed courses

This block contains quick links to the courses that you recently visited.

moodle recently accessed courses section


This space provides a helicopter view on the events, activities and assignments scheduled in a calendar view. You can filter by course.


moodle calendar section with a calendar drop down filter highligted with a red outline

Course search

Click on the magnifier icon on the top right of the landing page. Use the search bar when looking for a specific course on Moodle. This is useful when you know the name of a course, but don't have the direct link on Moodle.


moodle landing page with course search bar highlighted in the top right by a red outline

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