This page contains instructions on how to access your marks for Moodle assignments (including Turnitin assignments) in the Moodle Gradebook.

Access your marks in Moodle Gradebook

Step by step instructions
  1. On the course home page, in the Navigation block, under My Courses, click Grades. The User report for the course displays.
  2. To view your grades for all your courses, while viewing the User report, click Overview report tab.

Accessing Grades in Moodle - Student

Turnitin Marks in Moodle Gradebook

The grades for Turnitin assignments can appear in two locations depending on which of the following scenarios is followed:

  1. Teaching staff often use Turnitin's Grademark interface to review / leave feedback and grade any submitted assignments. Students can view these grades/feedback by returning to the Turnitin submission box. For instructions on how to view these grades please visit this page.

    Note: Grades stored in Turnitin synchronise with the Moodle Gradebook, and if enabled may also appear to students under Moodle's Grades section.

  2. Teaching staff may not use the Turnitin Grademark interface and instead grade directly within the Moodle Gradebook, with grades appearing under Moodle's Grades section.

If your marks don’t display as expected, let your teacher know. They may not have made the grades visible yet, or may have made it available in a different location.

Note, it is possible that your teacher grades you in Grademark, but then over-rides the grade in the Moodle Gradebook. If this occurs you will see two different grades, one per location. To correct the disparity your teacher will need to input the correct grade into Grademark.


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