Rubrics and marking guides are tables that itemise all the aspects of an assignment on which you will be scored, and all the levels of achievement you can reach with regard to each aspect.

Rubrics and marking guides tell you exactly what you will be marked on. They are generally more objective than the awarding of a single mark. When you get the assignment back, you can tell exactly what you did right, and where you might make efforts to improve your work.

View a Moodle rubric or marking guide

It's a good idea to look at the rubric or marking guide your teacher has created for an assignment before you complete the assignment, so that you can focus your efforts on demonstrating the skills specifically required by this assignment

To look at the rubric or marking guide, on the course home page, click the link for the relevant assignment. The assignment's submission page displays, including, under Submission status > Grading criteria, the rubric or marking guide that has been set up for the assignment.

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