This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to:

Log in to Moodle

  1. Go to the Moodle Login/Web Single Sign On page.
  2. Are you logging in to courses offered by institutions using Australian Access Federation (AAF), such as UNSW AGSM Executive Education, UNSW Institute of Languages, UNSW Mining Engineering Specialist Courses?
    • If yes, click the appropriate alternative login link in the Need an alternative login to Moodle? section lower on the login page.
    • If no, continue to the next step.
  3. Click ‘Agree and sign on to Moodle’
  4. Enter your zID (followed by and password as you would when logging into Outlook to complete the login. The 'My home' page displays, containing a list of links to all your Moodle courses.


Once you are logged in, if you are inactive in Moodle for a substantial period, your session will time out. When you next access the Moodle page, the Login page will display with the message: Your session has timed out. Please log in again.

What to do if your login fails

Login may fail for a number of reasons:

1. You may not have entered either your User ID or Password correctly.

  • In the USER ID field, ensure that you have typed a "z" before your student number. (Eg. z1234567)
  • Your PASSWORD (your zPass) is case-sensitive. Check on your keyboard if Caps Lock is on or off.

2. You may not be currently enrolled in an online course.

You must have accepted an offer and have an active program record to have access to Moodle.

3. You have just accepted your offer, recently changed programs, or updated your enrolment in the current term.

Your online access may not have been updated yet. Allow 2 working days for this to be completed. If after 2 working days you are still unable to log in contact The Nucleus: Student Hub

4. You have recently discontinued or graduated from your program but would like to access previous course content.

Graduates only retain access for up to 90 days and access to Moodle cannot be reinstated. The Nucleus: Student Hub may be able to help you assess your requirements and provide recommendations.

5. You are also unable to log in to other services (eg myUNSW) despite having correct zID and zPass

If you have not already checked, it is recommended to try logging into another UNSW service such as myUNSW.

If you cannot login to other UNSW services alongside Moodle, the IT Service Centre will be able to help you review and resolve access issues. You can also check Identity Manager for Students for more information and self-help guides.


Forgot password?

If you've forgotten your password, please visit UNSW Identity Manager.

Access a Moodle course and Log Out



Once you are logged into Moodle, you will be directed to your Moodle home page.

  1. Your courses are displayed are under Course Overview (1). Click the name of the course to view the course home page.
  2. Search for a course by navigating to Search Course (2) and using the search bar.
  3. To log out, click Log out (3) at the drop-down menu under your profile photo.

It is important to log out of Moodle and other TELT applications so that other people using the same computer cannot access your personal data such as marks. Once you have clicked the log out link, close the web browser.

If you are logged into more than one wSSO enabled application, be aware that your data is still accessible unless you close all browser windows. You will be prompted to switch to another wSSO application or shut down all applications at once.

Be security aware—don't allow browsers in computer labs or in the Library to remember your login credentials.

How to access courses with the YXXX prefix (ASU Courses)

Courses with the YXXX prefix (e.g., YMED1001 or YENG5582) are delivered by Arizona State University (ASU). To access these courses, you need to log into the ASU learning management system using your ASU-issued student ID number and password (not your UNSW zID and zPass).

Click here to access your ASU courses. For more information on PLuS Alliance courses, please see the PLuS Alliance orientation page.

If you have problems logging into the ASU learning management system, or require a password reset, please contact ASU technical support here.

Looking for help?

Contact The Nucleus: Student Hub

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