This page contains information and instructions relating to offline and online text assignments, two of the four types of Moodle assignment that are used in Moodle courses.

Offline activity

This type of assignment is completed and submitted outside Moodle. Your teacher provides the instructions for the assignment in the Moodle course, and conducts the marking in the Moodle Gradebook. This type of assignment requires no Moodle intervention by you beyond viewing the assignment requirements and checking your mark afterwards.

Online text

Online text assignments, as well as being used for direct submission of text assignments, are typically used to provide additional information to the lecturer about your submitted assignment (which may or may not be via the Moodle Assignment tool).


  • You may wish to provide additional information about the attached file assignment, without putting it into the assignment itself
  • You may be wishing to formally advise that your webpage (website link included) is ready for review
  • You may wish to formally advise that your sculpture is complete and available for review in the appropriate room/building

Submit an online text assignment

Step by step instructions
When submitting assignments in Moodle, keep in mind that if you are inactive in Moodle for too long, your session will time out, and you’ll need to log in again.
  1. Compose your assignment offline in a saved text document, rather than within Moodle.
  2. On the course home page, click the assignment name.

  3. On the Edit my submission page, click Add submission.

  4. On the (second) Edit my submission page, read the appropriate declaration, depending on whether this is an individual or a group submission, then select the check box above the declarations.

  5. Under Online text, paste your assignment text into the Submission box. For a combined online text and file upload assignment, you would also upload your assignment files at this point.

  6. Click Save changes. For an online text assignment, your submitted text displays. From this page you can edit your submission, return to the course or log out.

Note: If you are copy-and-pasting from Word, click Paste from Word  from the toolbar, then paste the text into the Paste from Word window and click Insert. If the toolbar does not appear, click the Toolbar Toggle icon  .


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