This page gives information about Moodle assignments only. For Turnitin assignments submitted through Moodle, see the page How to use Turnitin within Moodle.

The Moodle Assignment tool allows your teacher to set five kinds of assignments. From simplest to most complex, they are:

  • Offline activity - The teacher may set you a assignment here, that you complete and submit outside of Moodle.
  • Online text - Typically used to accept simple text based assignments within the browser window.
  • File submission - Can be used to accept a range of file types including MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and Images.

Your teacher can set the assignment to allow for multiple types of submissions, eg. Online Text plus File Submission.

If you are completing an assessment or activity with a grading component, use a recommended browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Apple iPad's and other tablets are not fully supported for use with UNSW Moodle.

When submitting an assignment in Moodle, keep in mind that if you are inactive in Moodle for too long your session will time out and you’ll need to log in again.

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