General Education is an integral part of undergraduate study for UNSW students. It broadens and deepens your understanding of the environment in which you live and work and enhances your critical analysis skills. Above all, it presents you with interesting, challenging and enjoyable opportunities to pursue your own intellectual curiosity. The University’s General Education requirements are in addition to the disciplinary core component of a program.

Single Degrees

The basic General Education requirements are the same for students in all single undergraduate degree programs:

  • You must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 12 units of credit (UOC) in General Education courses or their equivalent taken from outside your home Faculty (unless otherwise entitled to exemption or special requirements)
  • You may be excluded from taking certain courses from outside the home faculty as General Education, if it is deemed that these courses are related to and/or substantially overlap with the disciplinary content of your program of study. Courses taken as General Education, cannot be related to core courses in your program of study. General Education exclusions are listed in the academic rules of a program.

Please see definition of Disciplinary core in the UNSW Glossary.

Double Degrees

An undergraduate double degree program leading to the award of two degrees is deemed to have met the University’s General Education requirements. Cross-career double-degrees may include General Education.

Please see definition of a Double Degree in the UNSW Glossary.

Please see definition of Cross-Career Program in the UNSW Glossary.

Students should always check their program requirements in the UNSW Handbook.


Please contact the Nucleus: Student Hub, if you have any further queries relating to General Education requirements for your program.

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