Any international student holding a Student Visa (subclass 500) studying at UNSW requires a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from UNSW and a visa from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) for the length of their program.       

UNSW is only able to extend a student visa holder's program and CoE if:

  • we have assessed that there are ‘compassionate or compelling’ circumstances and there is evidence to support this assessment.
  • an intervention strategy has been implemented, or is in the process of being implemented, for the overseas student who is at risk of not meeting course progress requirements, or
  • an approved deferral or suspension of the overseas student’s enrolment has occurred.

You will need to apply for a new CoE if you are:

  • extending your program duration and applying for a visa extension.
  • returning to studies from program leave or suspension.

You do not need to apply for a new CoE if you (We will automatically process and send you a new CoE to your UNSW email account):

  • transfer to another program within UNSW e.g. Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Commerce.
  • receive credit transfer that has shortened the length of your program.

How to apply for a new CoE

To apply for a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE):

Undergrad and postgrad coursework students

  1. Submit your application online.
  2. If your request for a new CoE is approved, it will be sent to your UNSW email account.

To apply for a new student visa, lodge your new CoE with the Australian Government Office.

Research students

Please contact the Graduate Research School.


A CoE extension WILL NOT be processed:

  1. If it is more than 3 months until the expiry of your student visa (excluding students returning to their studies).
  2. You are not enrolled in any courses in the current term (or next term if returning from leave).
  3. Results have not been released for your current term of studies.
  4. You have outstanding fees or a negative indicator on your student record.
  5. Your current address has not been updated in myUNSW.

Applying for a new student visa:

You can check the expiry date of your visa via DHA's Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) System.

  1. Apply for your CoE extension with International Student Compliance (ISC) at least one month before your current visa expires.
    Note: You will only require a new CoE if your visa is due to expire within 3 months. DHA will only process visas within 3 months of the expiry date.
  2. Visit Department of Home Affairs website for step-by-step instructions.

  3. Book your health examination at BUPA Medical Visa Services when required. You MUST complete the health examination within 28 days after receiving email from DHA, or contact DHA if you need additional time. If you have not completed health examination or contacted DHA within 28 days, your visa application may be refused.

  4. Renew your Overseas Student Health Cover.

  5. We recommend applying for your visa as soon as you receive your new COE.

Please Note: You may receive the following soft warning when you apply for your student visa. The message that pops up in the student visa application online form tells you the CoE is invalid. This is because the start date of your CoE has passed. You still can proceed with your application by clicking the Confirm button.

DHA advises that you can ignore the warning and continue with your application.
You do not need to contact UNSW or DHA about the message.


Visa Extension due to COVID 19 - Form 1545

DHA may waive your Student Visa (subclass 500) application fee if you held a student visa on or after 1st February 2020 and your visa extension is due to the impact of COVID 19. Please refer to DHA website for further information.

UNSW will provide you with Form 1545 if you:

  1. Held a student visa on or after February 1st, 2020 and were going to complete within your original COE end date, and 
  2. Took approved Program Leave due to COVID – 19 and were unable to enter Australia due to travel restrictions, or 
  3. Were forced to reduce your study load because UNSW was unable to offer a required or core course, or
  4. Need to complete essential industrial training and placements.

Please note:

  1. UNSW can only provide you with Form 1545 if the reason for your approved Deferment, Program Leave or Reduced Study Load was due to the impacts of COVID-19, and
  2. Your COE end date is within 3 months of your current visa expiry date.
  3. Students who needed a visa extension before 2020 due to ordinary reasons such as being suspended,  taking program leave, reducing your study load, failing a course or an IPT (which increased the duration of your program) will be assessed as not eligible for Form 1545. This will include students who took approved program leave or reduced their study in 2020 due to COVID-19 related reasons. Please refer to DHA website for further information.

How do I get Form 1545 from UNSW?

  1. Submit your CoE application – you do not need to send us the Form 1545.
  2. ISC will process your CoE extension and Form 1545 (if eligible) at the same time.
  3. ISC will send your new CoE and the completed Form 1545 to your UNSW email account.
  4. Follow DHA guidelines on how to submit a Student visa application for a nil fee.
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