Museum of Human Disease Volunteer

The Museum of Human Disease hosts a couple of thousand human tissue specimens showing various diseases. We have a vibrant crew of volunteers who help to run school excursions in the museum, as well as other special events like Brain Awareness Week and UNSW Open Day.

While a background in medical or biological science is helpful, no previous knowledge is necessary and we’re happy to help you learn enough about the specimens to talk to visitors about them.

Volunteering for the museum is a great way to develop your communication skills generally and your science communication skills in particular. We also have opportunities to help develop your written communication by writing content for our social media accounts.


  • Accredited by UNSW Advantage = Yes
    (For recognition on Australia Higher Education Graduation Statement)

Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Community volunteering

Interest area / Advantages

Serve society, Value diversity, Continue learning

Skills required and/or developed

Academic & scholarly skills, Interpersonal & communication, Leadership, Marketing & PR

Contacts and more information

Check out the website! 

Contact for further information

Volunteer Coordinator - Adam Strang

[email protected]

9385 1522

For more information about co-curricular activities, see UNSW Advantage.

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