Alcohol and Drugs

Drugs are substances that alter how your brain works, ranging from caffeine and alcohol to prescription drugs and recreational drugs such as ice.

Experimentation with drugs is not uncommon among university students, however drug use becomes problematic when it causes difficulties in day-to-day functioning, impacting on work, studies, relationships, and health. Being under the influence of drugs can also lead to risk-taking behaviours such as unprotected sex, violence, and driving under the influence of drugs.

How much is too much?

  • How frequently do you drink? (daily, few times per week, few times per month, occasionally etc.)
  • How many standard drinks to you have on each occasion (average)? 
  • Have you found it hard to stop drinking once you have started?
  • How often have you failed to do something you were meant to do because of drinking?
  • Have you in the last year needed a drink in the morning to get yourself started after a heavy drinking session?
  • How often are you unable to remember events from the night before because of drinking?
  • Has anyone been concerned about your drinking and suggested you cut it down?
  • Would you find it difficult to cut down?
  • Do you become violent/aggressive?

If you regularly drink a lot (questions 1 &2) then you may experience some negative effects (questions 3 to 8). If you are experiencing some of these negative effects, you may be drinking too much. Consider reducing your intake. Remember to stay classy.

Below are links to helpful resources for you to get help.  

Useful contacts 


CounsellingOnline provides 24/7 drug and alcohol counselling on-line via text-communication. It is helpful for those wanting assistance with drug use, or wanting to know how to help someone with a drug or a alcohol problem. There is also useful information on drugs available on the website. Also available in Vietnamese Translation.

Comprehensive guide to drugs on campus with information and answers for people fighting addiction.

Drug Info Clearing House 

On this website under "Alcohol and Drug info" you will find information and fact sheets on various drugs such as alcohol, club drugs, ice, and drink spiking.

Reach Out!

Information on alcohol and drugs, ecstasy and amphetamine-type substances, as well as how to stay safe at parties with topics such as drink spiking, mixing alcohol with other drugs, and how to avoid drinking too much. It also has a section on how to talk to a friend when you are worried about his/her drug use.

Koori Drug Info

This website contains information about different drugs for the Koori community as well as how to help friends or family members who have a drug or alcohol problem.

Health Department of NSW

Publications and fact sheets on drugs and alcohol.

Just Ask Us

A national website for university students run by Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre. The Just Ask Us website is aimed at university students who are seeking information or help in relation to a wide range of health issues, including alcohol, drugs, mental health and well-being. The website provides information on a variety of health topics and links to support services offered by university campus counselling services and key treatment and support services nationally.


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