Check in with UNSW Health this Stress Less Week

Come check in with the UNSW Health Team, we'll be giving away snack and will be available to talk about how to manage your mental health and wellbeing this Stress Less Week. You can find us from 12-2pm in the Quadrangle. 

Learning to face, not fight, your emotions

Have you ever noticed that you are often fighting your emotions? Have you noticed that you do anything to avoid feeling certain emotions or judge yourself for feeling them? Have you noticed that you miss out on important things because you feel controlled by strong emotions?

Post Pride Sexual Health Testing

Have you been busy this pride? Just like a physical health check, a sexual health check should be part of your routine health care. Join us Wednesday 15 March for FREE on the spot STI testing at UNSW Kensington Campus. 

Untold Stories - Nayonika’s Story

Nayonika is a familiar face to many UNSW through her advocacy work and passion for student welfare and wellbeing. Her story highlights the need to check in with those we see as the ‘strong friend’ or the ‘tough one’, especially during challenges like the pandemic.

Your UNSW Health O-Week Check List

Want to make sure that your health and wellbeing doesn't interfere with your studies this year? You don't need to do it alone, UNSW Health & Wellbeing have tonnes of services available to students. Check out this simple checklist to make sure you stay on top of things this year. 

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