Wellbeing News and Events

Anxiety Skills Workshop

Learn how to cope with common anxiety-inducing situations in this 4-part online workshop facilitated by Psychology & Wellness.

Mindfulness Workshops

Free weekly webinars for UNSW Students to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation and learn a valuable stress relief technique to improve your mental fitness. 

Low Mood Workshop

These online weekly workshops with Rina from Psychology and Wellness will provide you with skills and knowledge to manage low mood and depression. 

Term 3 Orientation Week

Get your studies off to a flying start! Orientation is a great time to learn about uni life. Orientation offer activities and workshops useful for both new and returning students.

Bonnie's story

When everything changed earlier last year, Bonnie found herself feeling incredibly overwhelmed and riddled with uncertainty. Bonnie shares her mental health journey during COVID-19.

Nayonika’s Story

Nayonika is a familiar face to many UNSW through her advocacy work and passion for student welfare and wellbeing. Her story highlights the need to check in with those we see as the ‘strong friend’ or the ‘tough one’, especially during challenges like the pandemic.

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