What is Moodle Enhance?

Moodle Enhance aims to improve both the student and staff experience of Moodle by offering:

  • A modern, appealing look and feel.
  • Improved navigation, including the dashboard, course pages and their contents.
  • Consistent presentation of key course information on course pages, like course outline and assessment information.
  • Easy access to academic and technical support contact details.

Moodle Enhance will be progressively implemented in UNSW courses in 2023.

My course is using Moodle Enhance, where can I find...

To help you find key course information on Moodle pages, see the infographics below.

What are students saying about Moodle Enhance?

Moodle Enhance came about in response to student feedback in myExperience. Continuous improvements are made based on student responses to surveys and focus groups.

T1 2022 Moodle Enhance student survey 

Graph of student responses to the new Moodle design


T1 2022 written student survey response

Student 1: “... The new Moodle is designed with the user in mind. It is less cluttered than older designs and provides clear avenues to relevant information. The new design is more efficient than older variations.”

Student 2: It is much easier to find the study material ... Important stuff that we need to use every week (like course outline, online lectures and announcements) are listed on the top of the page, which is fantastic.”

Student 3: ... in the new design all assessable material is in the front page, along with important links.”

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