The Personal Timetable is an Opt-in calendar subscription service that presents your Class Timetable and Exam Timetable on your mobile device or desktop calendar app.

The Personal Timetable settings are managed via this myUNSW page. This includes creating or suspending / reactivating the service, and any other options that are applicable to your device. The link is located under "Online Services" for both Students and Staff, on the left-hand side menu for "My Student Profile" and "Academic Admin" tabs respectively.

Access your personal timetable on myUNSW

Frequently asked question

Why does my calendar app display "Timetable is unavailable"?

Q: Why does my calendar app display "Timetable is unavailable" when I have created a subscription link in myUNSW and successfully added it to my calendar app?

A: If you have a Denial of Service Indicator block on your student account you cannot view your personal timetable events and "Timetable is unavailable" will be displayed. You will need to pay your University debt to gain access to the service.

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